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    dbPPT 1.0 (database of Phospho-sites in Plants) is a comprehensive database which includes 71,397 p-sites in 27,807 proteins across 20 plant organisms. In this database, we not only manually collected experimental verified phosphorylation substrates and sites on plants, but also integrated the other two important phosphorylation databases of plants including PhosPhAt (Durek et al., 2010) and P3DB (Yao et al., 2014). In total, the database of dbPPT 1.0 consists of 56,078 pS (phosphorylation serine), 12,495 pT (phosphorylation threonine), and 2,824 pY (phosphorylation tyrosine) which take up 78.54%, 17.50%, 3.96%, respectively. The database can be browsed by species.

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